Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Latest work pictures - December 2013

Here are some selected slates from some cool jobs I worked on during the last few months. Balancing Commercials and TV New York Style

Steadicam Operator on THE AMERICANS with many great directors including Dan Attias, Gus Makris, Lodge Kerrigan and DPs Richard Rutkowski and Radium.

Great time with DP Furmanski 

Commercial with Director PAUL HUNTER

DP Richard Rutkowski and I on dueling cameras, B camera gets all the nice shots!

A camera OP for DP RADIUM

Director GUS MAKRIS 

Cool job with DP MAURO FIORE ASC 

Another great job with DP Derek McKane 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Latest work - September 2013

Some of my recent work as camera operator and steadicam op on TV and commercials...

"THE FOLLOWING" Promo slate

I operated steadicam/camera on this promo and was second unit DP for inserts

"THE FOLLOWING" I operated on these beauty shots on the steadicam for a great DP/Director team Anthony and Kerry.

More Network promo work for the show BROOKLYN 99

Back to the commercial routine with a HOLIDAY INN commercial 

PANASONIC spot with another great DP Derek McKane 

TARGET commercial with DP Tristen Sheridan who I always look forward to working with.

POWERADE spot with the Twin Directors

I did a week on WHITE COLAR operating B-camera with a great camera crew 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

GUESS commercial with DP Tristan Sheridan

Parris operated steadicam on a GUESS commercial with DP Tristan Sheridan. It was a long day and every shot was on the rig...

NBC Pilot "Assistance" - March 2013

Parris operated B camera and steadicam for DP Vanja Cernjul on the NBC PILOT ASSISTANCE

Krysten Ritter 

Alfred Molina

Krysten Ritter

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Parris is starting the new year Operating Steadicam on the new Television series ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, a NETFLIX original series with DP Vanja Cernjul and a bunch of great directors including Michael Trim, Andrew McCarthy, Constantine Makris and Phil Abraham.