Photo Gallery

DP Declan Quinn and Director Rebecca Miller on set of  "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee"
Jay Ekhart, Parris Mayhew, Steven Constantino and Dave Araki share a dolly on a WEIGHT WATCHERS commercial.

Parris HANDHELD for DP Pascal LeBegue on CALVIN KLEIN "IN2YOU" commercial

Parris Mayhew on set of "Then she found me"
with Director & Actress Helen Hunt. That's the old steadicam, my first rig.

On the set of "What's Wrong With Virginia?" Academy award winning Director Dustin Lance Black on right.

Parris and Rob Thomas on the set of his music video "SOMEDAY"

This is a screen shot of a page on Terry Richardson's website. Explanation? On set of an H&M commercial I was working on,  in tandem with a stills unit with photographer Terry Richardson. During a break I was approached by a mild mannered guy in the lobby, who chatted me up and eventually asked if I was "Parris from Cro-Mags". I was. So he asked if he could take my picture, so I rose from the couch in anticipation of a typical camera phone fan photo. He said "No please come over to my studio when you have a minute for a proper photo. Later I went over to the photo studio and the guy who wanted my photo turned out to be Terry Richardson. Later when I went to his studio, he was shooting the top model Freja, but he stopped and told Freja, whom he was photographing to wait while he took my picture. While Terry posed me against the wall, I looked up to see the models whom I had been shooting for 2 days looking at us in confusion thinking "why is Terry Shooting the steadicam operator?" and my director and DP Tristan Sheridan were standing in the doorway looking on with questioning expressions on their mugs as well. Afterwards the director of my shoot asked me straight out, "Parris, why was Terry Richardson taking your picture?" I said "I was a musician in another life and Terry is a fan."

Model FREJA from an H&M shoot I did in tandem with Terry Richardson, with DP Tristen Sheridan.

Parris Operating camera on the feature film SORORITY ROW

Operating techno for DP Scott Beardslee on a PIT BULL music video

Saturday Night Live film unit again... done many with many DPs... 

Russell Crowe movie shot by Caleb Deschanel Amazing to work with Caleb finally


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